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Our Services of Non-Existing Spaces/Properties/Renovations/Interiors

Virtually Stage, Renovate Or Get a Semi or Full CGI Realistic Show Home or Property in 360° ANYWhere/One/Time

LetzStepIn digitally creates and enhances any space in 360° & 3D even before a single brick has been laid. An indispensable, powerful & comprehensive tool in helping everyone visualize any space, anywhere & at any time in the world giving the most realistic experience.

360° Digital Staging

This is where photorealistic furniture, fixtures, and fittings can be virtually (digitally) added to any part of an existing Flat/Space/Property using only 360° photos of unfurnished space/property. Perfect for showcasing what a newly built property/space with interiors might look like after it has been fully furnished. In this scenario, the flooring, walls, and ceiling are not changed in any way.

Digitally stage any space within 72 hours of working hours and enhance your space/property without needing to lift a finger. Forget spending vast sums of money staging an empty property to give buyers that all-important best first impression. Now with LetzStepIn's Digital Staging Service, we offer you end-to-end service from taking 360° photos as per our specifications to finalizing a design till converting them into a beautifully staged property for you that can be visualized & experienced in the most realistic manner.

Available in 3 types: Standard Staging | Premium Staging | Luxury Staging REQUEST A DEMO

360° Digital Renovation

This is the same as "360° Digital Staging" but here we also digitally transform the interior i.e. the walls, floors, and ceilings of any commercial or residential property/space. Perfect for development opportunities where you wish to showcase the finished product to visualize and experience it before it is created. Whether your space/property is in need of complete gutting and refurbishment, or maybe just doesn't have the best sense of interior design, our digital renovation services for your best virtual representation purpose, have you covered

2D Photo Digital Staging

Our digital staging and digital renovation services are also available for 2D photos as well as in 360° for existing spaces/properties
that are unfinished or under renovation. Check out a sample demo of our virtually staged and virtually renovated work.

Premium 2D Photo Digital Staging

Starts from 7,218/- only t&c*


Standard 2D Photo Digital Staging

Starts from 4,590/- only t&c*


Luxury 2D Photo Digital Staging

Starts from 12,600/- only t&c*


Digital CGI 360° Virtual Tour

A truly stunning way to showcase any property/space, with interiors & exteriors that do not yet exist in the most realistic manner for the better-improved customer attraction, experience, satisfaction & Loyalty. Why spend a fortune on building show homes or animated 3D models, when you can create a photo-realistic 360° version which can be visualized, experienced & explored on any device from anywhere, anytime by anyone. Full 360° CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) offers endless options to immerse your clients inside spaces that may not have even been built yet, allowing you to dramatically increase the number of viewers to this space while making a staggering saving on your costs. The perfect way to raise awareness and/or sell-off plan, eliminating the problem associated with long-distance selling, pre-sales, post-construction disappointments, and the requirement to build expensive real or animated show homes. Our specialist Digital CGI team will work with your CAD files and property specifications to build the perfect interactive 360° virtual walkthrough with all the advanced interactive features available for your project. Get your advanced interactive 360° full or semi CGI ready if your architect CAD files are ready. What are you waiting for? Quote & Digital CGI service?


Seeing is believing.

See our technology come together in one seamless experience. Give potential visitors and clients an unparalleled unique experience.

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Get a free demo & see our true potential in how we make any non-existing space/interior/exterior look,
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What Is LetzStepIn's Digital Staging Asset Library?

Our digital staging library is a collection of different styles and aesthetics that can be applied to your virtual staging orders. Our professional team will manually review your 360° photos and choose the style from our library that will show your space at its best. However, if you'd prefer to browse and select your own style for your photos you can certainly do this as well! Click here to check out our stunning collections. We can also generate your designs if you provide us with the files requested by our professional team.

* Surcharges may apply to customers who require digital assets that are not available in
  LetzStepIn's existing digital asset libraries.

* Full Digital CGI will have different processing times depending on your requirements.
  Please get in touch with our specialist digital CGI team to discuss this in greater detail.